ICMCTF Graduate Student Awards


These Awards honor and encourage outstanding graduate students in fields of interest to the Advanced Surface Engineering Division (ASED) of the AVS. ASED seeks to recognize students of exceptional ability who show promise for significant future achievement in ASED-related fields.


The nominee must be:

  • a graduate student in science or engineering who is in good standing at a University with a recognized graduate degree program
  • the presenting author of an oral presentation at the annual ICMCTF conference

Nominees who receive their final research degree after the ICMCTF Abstract Submission deadline are still eligible for that year. However, previous Graduate Student Award winners are ineligible.

Nomination Procedure

The Student’s Advisor must submit the following items to the current Chair of the ASED Awards Committee by the Abstract Submission deadline¬†for the upcoming annual ICMCTF Conference (late or incomplete applications will not be evaluated):

  • a completed application form: application form
  • one copy of the abstract that has been submitted separately for the ICMCTF Conference
  • a two-page description of research associated with the abstract to be considered for the award, including a clear, concise description of the:
    • aim of the work and its relationship to the status of the field
    • a summary of the applicant’s specific contributions and how they demonstrate exceptional ability and future promise
    • a summary of significant results of the work and how they relate to the specific research area
    • a list of any publications authored by the applicant that are relevant to this research.
  • a resume which includes a list of publications with complete citations; a list of fellowships, scholarships, and/or other honors received; a list of past employment with dates; a list of technical/professional organizations, including AVS, in which you are a member; other activities or relevant information
  • an Advisor’s Student Evaluation Form completed by the student’s advisor; evaluation form
  • a recommendation letter from the student’s advisor(s)

Nomination Submission and Deadline: Abstract submission deadline of the ICMCTF conference

All nomination materials must be compiled by the Student Advisor and submitted as a package. The complete nomination package is to be sent electronically to the current Chair of the ASED Awards Committee (asedawards@avs.org) such that it is received by the Abstract Submission deadline for the upcoming annual ICMCTF Conference. Late or incomplete application packages will not be evaluated.